About Me

Hello ! I am Kabin Manandhar, a 20 year old from Kathmandu, currently waiting for graduation with BSc(Hons) Computing Degree. Looking for cool new jobs in the Capital City of Nepal as Full Stack Developer.

Fluent in hybrid Mobile application development in Flutter Framework to produce a fully fledged app with clean UI/UX and efficient functionalities, and also in Laravel for developing backend / APIs.

As a rookie programmer, I love to create new experiences using creative applications of new technologies and increase my knowledge and efficiency more and more ,also I’m currently learning/exploring more tools like Django, Node.js, Vue.js,  etc.

Never stop Learning.

My Works

As a rookie, I have very few projects completed and most of them are from the college works. I’ve coded a lot of billing systems in Java and Python.Also developed Inventory Management Systems/Student Enrolment Systems in Java and C#. Developed a Movie Recommendation System in Python with AI. Worked with PHP to generate XML, developed Web Apps in Laravel, created portfolio in core HTML/CSS/JavaScript only and many more. But,

Everything is the part of the learning phase, even though I’ve done a lots of research and studied alot to complete all these systems, I don’t want to consider those as my works. 

Below are some of the things I’m very passionate about and consider them my achievements.


By designing I mean, designing the layouts for the application I’m working on. Creating optimal UI/UX is the top priority, if the design is not welcoming enough no one would like to use the app and I love to design the overall UI and create the best UX for the application I’m working on. Also sometimes I do photo editing in Adobe Illustrator and create logos and other random Illustrations, like I created the logo for my own app, Quiket . I also use Adobe XD or Figma, depending, on the requirements of the apps I’m working on.

PolyArt in Illustrator


 Coded in Flutter, these applications, User App and Organizer App, combine to form an event management system with all the required functionalities for the organizers as well as the users/customers who want to join the events. A full stacked application with Backend/API served in Laravel/MySql and Frontend created in Flutter following BLoC pattern , this is my first project ever and more are coming soon. I am more driven towards hybrid application development rather than native application development so I choose Flutter as my main platform for mobile application development.

Quiket Organizer App
Quiket User App


Keeping all my programming skills aside, I am also very interested in composing music/song-writing as well. I play a lots of instruments including Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drums, I can be a 1 man band if I could but that’s no fun. I have my friends who I jam with and that’s something we do for fun. 

My Creations

Good At

Adobe Illustrator/XD


I’m trying to expand my abilities on web development as well, along with mobile development. Although I have created sites using core HTML,CSS,and JavaScript, in PHP, also in C# WebForms and C# MVC, those were all for college projects and I am pretty confident in using all these mentioned languages/frameworks. I’ve also started working on WordPress this whole site is build on WordPress. 

Familiar and efficient with MVC design model of Laravel I’m capable of designing any project as per the client requirements and utilize each and every tools/plugins available in Laravel from token based authentication to requests filtering and generating API and creating a fully fledged web app. I can do it all. 

Since I had been focusing my time before on Mobile Development in Flutter, I barely had time for doing web projects, which I’m currently learning MEAN stack and will eventually learn Django as well. Being efficient with Laravel and having ideas I’m trying to find many other ways of doing the same thing more easily than I already can. Increasing productivity is the ultimate goal.


My Resume